NY NORML depends on the support of New York residents concerned with the disastrous Rockefeller Laws and a Nixon-era marijuana policy in place amidst a constant high-level terror alert.

If you want the situation to change, if you want law enforcement resources geared toward deterring violent crime and Al-Qaeda terrorist acts, not random pot smokers in Washington Square Park, please contribute. 

Print out our membership form and mail it back to us with a check or money order. 

Enrollment with NY NORML at the regular rate of $25 and above automatically gives you membership in the National NORML organization, which translates to quarterly bulletins informing you of the latest in marijuana policy, as well as a handsome NORML button. (above)

Donations of $100 or more will cut $10 off every NY NORML event for the coming year.

Students: $5 of every $15 and above student donation will be sent to the NORML college chapter of the contributor.

Thank you for contributing to NY NORML! Due to the political lobbying nature of our work, donations are not tax deductible.