Looking for the Best Vaporizer for Weed and Grinder in 2017?

This website was built to help you choose the best herb grinder for your needs. We will show you exactly what to look for in a quality grinder. Read my webpage and never deal with fake grinders and poor quality china made products. You are here to buy a quality durable product, I’m here to help!

When you chose to shop for a weed grinder online, you are making a smart choice. You will save a significant amount of money when compared to the price in local shops. Not to mention, many of these shops sell counterfeits to increase their profits. Would you like to support this kind of business? I certainly wouldn’t. There are a plethora of quality grinder merchants across the internet, I am going to show you my favorites today. You can be sure that any link on my website will lead you to a respected and authentic seller! The last thing I want is a loyal reader to get swindled. Lets get started!


Starting with the basics

So what is a grinder and the best portable vaporizer for dry herbs? A herb grinder is a small device with sharp teeth designed to quickly and efficiently shred your herb into a consistent and usable state. There are a ton of grinders out there and they all look so similar, its really hard to make the right choice for you.



Common materials for herb grinders include plastic, wood and metal. Typically the metal of choice is aluminum, however some high end grinders such as the space case use titanium which is vastly stonger. Metals are favored over plastic not only for their durability but for their safety.


Often plastic grinders as well as cheap metal grinders can cause health concerns, even is used correctly! I touch on this is more detail HERE, but for the meantime Ill give you the basics. Shavings from low quality grinders can end up in your material, they are often hard to see and end up being smoked. We all know the studies they have done on inhaling aluminum fumes, not to mention plastics.Basically this is just another reason to purchase a quality from the get go!


What is a 4 piece grinder?

This is probably the most popular type of grinder on the market at the moment is the 4 piece grinder. People love this grinder because unlike 2 piece grinders there is a compartment to capture and store your herbs in an airtight compartment. This keeps them fresh and ready to go at any time! If this wasn’t enough there is also another chamber with a screen on top of it to collect “pollen” this is also known as kief and can be used to make very pure hash.
Quality grinders like the Golden Gate Grinder are able to collect a lot of high quality kief, while lower price models like the Sharpstone Grinder end up with a far less pure product. This basically means there are more impurities like bits of leaf etc which you do not want in good hash!